'Tranquil' Bulb Collection
  • 'Tranquil' Bulb Collection
  • 'Tranquil' Bulb Collection
  • 'Tranquil' Bulb Collection

'Tranquil' Bulb Collection


Plant up a lovely selection of bulbs this autumn and reap the rewards come spring when they start to appear in your pot or container. This kit is a mix of 43 bulbs including tulips, crocus, narcissi and muscari and also contains a step by step guide of how to make a bulb lasagne (which is a method layering your bulbs in a pot so that it flowers continuously from early spring into mid May). 

This kit is the TRANQUIL Collection - which is made up of bulbs in soft whites, blues and lemon hues. 

Bulbs included are: 

Tulip Blue Parrot

Tulip First Proud  

Tulip White Lizard 

Narcissi Segovia 

Narcissi Elka  

Crocus Blue Pearl  

Muscari Armenicum 

Kit should ideally be planted up by the end of November for flowering the flowering the following spring. Kits includes a step by step guide to planting up the bulbs in layers within an outdoor pot. 

We have also made a tutorial for you to follow at home, which is accessible on our website. Just click on workshops, then on the drop down menu click on Bulb Lasagne Tutorial. 



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