Delivery: Precautions and procedures during Coronavirus outbreak April 2020

Being mindful of the coronavirus pandemic there are a number of steps being taken to minimise any health risk or chance of contamination both whilst orders are being made (by Pip on her own) and whilst deliveries are being made:

- All areas and surfaces being used to make up orders are cleaned and disinfected before any work commences 

- Thorough hand washing will take place before work begins on any orders for 20 seconds each time and as frequently as deemed necessary to maximise health. 

- Any materials used for wrapping/protection products are kept in their protective packaging until needed. 

DELIVERIES: (below information has been provided by Zmove, the local electric bike courier, who are making The Flower Folk deliveries)


Delivery bikes are wiped cleaned with disinfectant wipes. Cyclists hands are washed at the start of each shift for 20 seconds. Hand sanitiser is taken with each cyclist on their shift for use between each drop off. 


Delivery cyclists maintain a distance of 2 metres from other people at all times. 

Hand sanitiser applied between each delivery 

Deliveries are placed at a convenient spot (eg, on a doorstep) rather than being handed directly to the recipient. Doorbell can be rung, then cyclist will retreat back 2 metres in order for the delivery to be collected safely by the recipient. 

Phones are not handed over to take a signature, names of person accepting the delivery can be taken verbally.


All contact points on bike (hand grips, bars, saddle, other equipment (boxes, spill kits) are wipred down with disinfectant wipes at the depot. 

Hands washed for 20 seconds.

 A note about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)The WHO (World Health Organisation) does not currently (27/03/20) recommend that we use either face masks or gloves for our work including when working hospitals. They stress that the use of PPE can actually increase risks by making people wearing PPE feel safer than they are and therefore being less careful with other measures (eg. by using gloves reducing the frequency of hand washing).